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How do I go about reporting someone who stole my fic and posted it as their own?
Yeah, so a friend recently realised someone on here has posted a fic I wrote as their own, and is taking all credit for it. They've stolen it, and posted it two days after I'd posted it in my own writing community. The girl seems to have disabled her messaging, but my friends and I have left her comments in her reviews, and she hasn't replied. I emailed admin, but they haven't got back to me yet. Anyone any other ideas on what I should do?
THIS IS IMPORTANT. it happened to me, too. I wanna do something about it. thank you.
This kind of makes me not want to use this site at all...
tell me the title of your story and I can help you. but with the admins. it appears they have... vanished. I am so sorry about your stolen writing. and I will do anything to help.
This place I assume is just a haven for plagiarists. The author Naru-Mandoraekon01 stole several fics on fanfiction . net, and when caught, moved to Adultfanfiction, and when he got banned there, he moved one of the plagiarized fics...mine, I would like to point out, and posted it here.
@Fan_of_Fanfics: So, funny story, I actually researched that "Orochimaru's Weapon X" story you think is infringing your fic. Near as I can tell, the only thing that's related about them is the concept.

Do note that the author says: "I wrote my original based off Fan of Fanfics Weapon X, but I had to rewrite it before putting it up here because he changed his mind about letting me use his story as a basis."

Filing a DMCA request over it was not-cool.