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Hello everyone. I'm Rae... my many other nicknames are on my profile...

I'm a Potterhead, an otaku, and just an all around nerd. You won't be seeing any Harry Potter fanfiction out of me though, as my concepts according to several members of ficwad are "unfixably stupid" so, I'll hopefully be able to form one of my numerous ouran plot bunnies into a fic.
Otaku buddy!!!
Ohayo! I'm an otaku as well, mainly Naruto. You won't be seein any Naruto fic on my account, just MCR and crossovers. My fave manga is Naruto, Rosario+Vampire and Black Butler. You turn! And I'm not major Potterhead but I have Sevenfolditis (Avenged Sevenfold kicks ass!) and is diagnosed with Chemical Romance Syndrome.... it makes a person become unconditionally in love with MCR