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Hi there
I stumbled across this place while looking for an alternative to good old ff.net, and I'm impressed. You seem to have all the features that once made the old girl good, and few of the regulations and restrictions.

Anyway... I usually write Lecter fic, and since I'm a huge Star Wars fan, I sometimes write for that as well. I have various things in the works, including a new Lecterfic that I've just posted here, an Amelia Peabody Emerson fic that I'm writing entirely for my own amusement (although if anyone out there is interested in Egyptological murder mysteries, I may eventually post it somewhere) and a re-write of a very old Harry Potter series I had planned when I first joined ff.net.

I'm looking forward to reading plenty of good fics here :)

-Screaming Ferret

I'm not much into HP and Star Wars but that murder mystery sounds interesting. If you decide to put it up I might check it out. I'd say 'Welcome Aboard' but I'm pretty brand-spanking new here myself. Good to meet you at any rate!
Welcome to Him with the Adventuresome Netname...