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I generally try to base mine around someone.
or come up with a personality before I make them. For example:
Hides true feelings
Sometimes short-tempered in battle.

And I came out with Tam 'Riot'
I make roles. Basicly, I think "I need a character that does this" So I plop the character down into the story with little more then a name. =) From there they grow.
I'll try that.
Hm, worked so far. Came out with 2 aviators, some baddies, a teacher and an enemy for the main char
Characters I make tend to be dark and mysterious until put into a situation where it calls for something else. In creating characters, make a list of a few personality traits each character has, then put them in different scenarios to see how they interact. Having a few people that are based on the point of view in the story couldn't hurt.

Also, don't make them overly use a certain persona. Then you portrait them as all of this and none of that, unless completely confused, and then they switch over. Give them a little bit of background to how they act.
Foibles I tend to use:
Oh, I just love the word foibles....
Some kind of addiction
Use of very correct grammar
Use of incorrect grammar
Inability to "fit in"
Inability to get along
Emotional unstableness
You get the idea...
I don't know exactly how to create a character... I sometimes just... make them up. However, I usually draw them along these lines:

Is an outcast, and usually criticizes cliques
Is friends with at least one person in every clique, but the friend is not really important in the clique
Is an aspiring writer
Dislikes goths and jocks in particular
Plans on building an outcast clique, who will take in anyone who doesn't "fit in"
Has a boring disposition/appereance
Usually knows what people will say to him before they do
Usually has passionate thoughts and feelings
Frequently compliments other characters (either gives them or thinks something nice about them)
Has a bad way to deal with girls
Is not exactly attractive, but at the same time not ugly
Is a bit fat throughout the story
Can jog really good and is really strong, but is bad at all other sports or P.Es
Doesn't know karate or any martial arts, but can still beat you like a bitch
And thinks ninjas and samurai are annoying
For fanfiction, I create them only as the story needs them. For original fiction, the trick is creating the first one; once I've got that one, I can expand by using how the characters will interact with that character as a starting point.