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??? about Reads
I was wondering how the "reads" counter works. For example, for one of my stories, across from the title it says it has 10 reads, then by chapter 1 - 5 reads, by chapter 2 - 4 reads, and chapter 3 - 6 reads.
Does this mean that 2 people skipped chapter 2 to read chapter 3? Does the reads across from the title reflect reads in total? I'm a bit confused.
This, I grant you, is confusing. We should probably change how it works, actually. (It's confusing enough that I had to go read the source to remember exactly how it works.)

The 10 people isn't some aggregate of total viewers for all chapters; it's the number have looked at the chapter listing. The logic, as I recall, is that almost everyone who wants to look at the story will have to come through the chapter listing.

But yes, apparently several people skipped chapter two. Strange way to read, but...