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New Years
Happy New Years all, it is 12:00 A.M. now as I write this(I'm a nightowl all year, so 12 is nothin'). I hope you all had a good year, past and the one just beginning.

It's tradition that people make a New Year's resolotion(like we actually keep it, haha) and I'm curious if anyone is making in goals for themselve in the writing department.

My goal is to finish the first draft of my Original Works by the end of this year, hopefully, if things are going smoothely, I'll go on to the second draft etc.

I suppose my resolution would be to write more... And to actually stick to my ideas. XD
Happy New Year everyone.

I probably ought to resolve to finish the things I write... ;)

Happy New Year!!
I resolve to write more, and to be more comfortable sharing my writing. I have writings from 25 years ago still sitting in notebooks never seen by anyone but me.....so, I will try to be comfortable digging them up, typing them and posting them...I am always afraid everyone will absolutly hate them....I'll have to get over that, no won't I?!!!
Happy New Year!

I really should resolve to keep up with my writings better. I've not been writing quite as often lately, though still a decent amount. But, there's so much I want to get done. So, I resolve to do better at that!

I hope ya'll have a great year!

kimper :)
Sherrybaby, I must admit it is not an easy task to post some stuff, it takes nerve if you love the piece, I know from experiance. Try to keep in mind to not care if someone hates your work, because other most likely will like it.
I resolved not to neglect my RL work for writing, which is what I've found myself doing for a while. Not good. I might not get much done in the way of fanworks anymore, but this is the way it has to be.