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Hi *waves*
I'm new to the site, so, hello all!

I am definitely liking this more than FF.net at the moment (but that just might be because they just purged half of my fav. stories list), the site looks neat. smiles I guess I'll have to explore more to find out, though. (I'm rather hopeful!)
Cool welcome.
This place is the refuge for the deleted... Unless you're anime; then it's mediaminer.

What write you, Shobs?
I'm not deleted and haven't really been active Over There in years, I'm just not writing anything that ff.net would let me post right now.


This place has its ups and downs like any site, but I think there's a modest but readable collection o' good stuff here.

Then again I'm posting in a wee fandom. There's more than a modest collection in some categories!
Whoops. Rather forgot to check this after a while. Thanks for the welcome, even if it's been a few months...

I write mainly to the Harry Potter, Naruto, and Inuyasha fandoms, but I'll be honest and admit I'm more of a reader than writer. I get hit with plagues of plotbunnies, but I don't stay inspired for long.
Another Yash fan? Score!
helluin what do u write that FF.net wouldn't allow u to write?
Hee hee! Helluin writes lemons, lq!

A few years back, ffnet got the idea that they should delete their whole NC-17 bracket. This probably did reduce the number of erotic stories posted there, but it also led to a lot of grudge deletions (stories that get reported as NC-17 when they're not) and now there are lots and lots of NC-17 stories that are mislabeled as R.

Oh wait, the MPAA threatened to sue them if they used R, G or PG-13, right? There are NC-17 stories labeled M.
i see...i remember when ff.net was so laid back. anyway...that's why adultfanfiction came out for just NC-17 and R fics. and i didn't know that MPAA threatened to sue FF.net (but the rating there is stupid!)
I'm guessing about the suing. Did you notice how a lot of fanfiction sites switched from G, PG etc ratings to their own systems at about the same time? The MPAA was sending out letters telling everyone to "stop capitalizing on the goodwill generated by OUR system."

My take: It's made it into the vernacular at this point. Live with it. You know as well as the rest of us that the fansites are only using it because it's become the standard.

Legally, however, they invented the system, trademarked it and they can prevent people from using it if they want to. However, one of the things they have to do to keep it from moving into public domain is to defend it in court. Otherwise, I don't think they'd mind if other people used their system.

Look here for more info: http://www.uspto.gov/web/offices/tac/tmfaq.htm