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Would anyone else like to see some White Stripes or Jack White fan fiction around here?
I love MCR and the fan fictions but I wrote a story specifically for a Jack White fan fiction. When trying to post in the MCR part for a Gerard Way fic, I couldn't let myself keep it up there. It's really rare to see some White Stripes fics that are decent and more creative. I wanted to see about getting The White Stripes or Jack White as a sub category, but making categories is a pain. Does anyone else want this too or is it just me?
Not to mention I think something other than MCR fics should be around. I love MCR and all but the fics are getting to be a bit much nowadays.


Sorry, but yes, yes I'd like to see some White Stripes fan fictions. If stupid fuckwad would let us add categories, then I'd frigging love to read it if you posted a story.

Don't know if you know about adultfanfiction.net, but they have a White Stripes category there.
See I'm not the only one! Ugh. And no Tati I didn't know about that site. And I'm wondering if the name actually follows through on the site and if I should be worried haha.

YES I want to be able to put up a category, but I guess the admin on the site poofed so the sites just surviving on what categories it has. Sigh. Why can't we love Jack White in text like other people.
I checked it out, there's only one fic up there and it's some kind of Slash thing. I would post it there if I knew someone would read it, seems people have forgotten about poor Jackie boy.
Jack White was in my town over this past weekend; he performed in front of a sold-out crowd. (just saying)

But I'm trying to add to the Celebrities category and I have contacted the admins multiple times with no response. So I added the story anyways, but under the original story category. Just make a note it's a Jack White fic.
Well first of all let me state my jealously. And second of all I think that's what I'll do too. I'll check your story out too.
I actually went ahead and posted a Jack White Fic in the Original section too. But I don't think anyone will see it because all that shows up on the recent stories is MCR stuff, but if you guys wanna look at it it's up there.
I didn't get to see him cuz I didn't even know. XD

But do you (or anyone else for that matter) know why one of my stories says I have 2 reviews but I can't see them??