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How do you handle writer's block?
Just a light topic to generate some discussion. How do you guys and gals handle writer's block? Do you often get writer's block? What usually causes this or causes you to stop having them?

For me, writer's block occurs frequently during my busy seasons at work. When I'm tired and stressed, my creativity is non-existent.

To compensate, I usually watch comedies or something on TV to take my mind off my stress. Another activity would be swimming a few laps or just sitting in a garden under the afternoon sun relaxing.

Artificial stimulants like coffee or tea rarely work for me, though I've heard they help with other people.
Hm...Listening to music (Especially the sappy kind such as Aerith's theme from FF7 LOL) Or taking a shower noramlly helps with me. Sometimes little power naps help, too.
Breaking the Block
What helps me is reading it give me ideas. What really got me back into writting was reading stuff here at ficwad then leaving reviews.
Pretending writer's block is a demon named Writer's Block and imagining myself smacking him with something.

Alternately, banging out whatever I have, no matter how badly it all goes together, letting the story sit around without doing anything with it for a while, then coming back and editing or even rewriting the thing.

As for inspiration, I can get it from just about anywhere. Daydreaming, researching, listening to music...
Hmmmm...I usually listen to music (Evanescence, Nickelback, Linkin Park...Alison Krauss & Union Station). I also Play Video Games or watch a movie.

Revisiting the fandom can sometimes help. Try rewatching a favorite ep or rereading the book. Rereading previous chapters tends to work for multi-chapter 'fics.
same here
I can't come up with anything, I can only seem to write fanfiction, I can come up with ideas for writing my own stuff, but I can't see it all out like a story. So to me that is a writer's block too and I can't seem to come up with anything new. When I do think of something, it seems really boring and I can't write something that's boring, knowing that other people will think the same thing when they read it!
Fanfiction I love to write, and it's fun but original stories I have a hard time with.
I've tried alot of the suggestions, but they wont work for me, and I would love to swim as I can swim all day, but I have no access to a pool near by.
I hit enter too fast.
Figured I'd let you know that your not the only one with a Writer's block. Wish I could give other advice.
I kind of doubt there's any writer out there who doesn't get the block at least once or twice in his lifetime.
Man, I had a five-year stint of Writer's Block at one point. It wasn't fun. But I'd recommend, if you have friends in the same fandom, bouncing ideas off them to see if they work or not. Or just discuss what you have, and go from there. Save the chats, too, if you have more than one; rereading those can help with new ideas, too.

Rereading chapters you already have also helps, I've noticed. And doing something where your mind wanders; I've discovered I tend to get hit with inspiration in the shower (don't ask me why, I don't know), and have at least a few lines in my head by the time I'm done with it.

Hope these suggestions help!