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i'm gay
The next morning, and snow released, the original of that money is not counterfeit money,discount nfl jerseys but some old, will be the driver mistakenly thought it was counterfeit money.
I would like the police not only because there is no evidence put me, should they also found out that I work in the detective company, the company which has some of them handle only then released.
Before I left, that I look serious police yesterday at this time are smiling to apologize to me. This certified I infer, it seems to last and whether or not my reputation to save me.
Leave the police station, has been close to ten o'clock, nfl jerseys authentic I do not bother to guess who the police not enforce the law impartially, because I am concerned about is the hidden secrets of the ring inside.
Since even the master of jade identification of the most authoritative say that the ring in an article, it appears that the ring is really unusual.
However, I suddenly had a premonition, I always feel I have recently encountered the supernatural events and the ring some inextricably linked. Or, I experienced strange events are due to the ring into the sky.
Is it just experience "counterfeit money" event, but also a supernatural event?
I can not jump to conclusions, it seems that first went Zhao Huan there to first unlock the secrets in the ring speak.
We were detained by the police station not far away from the antique street, and snow intend to walk to Amoy Baozhai to find Zhao Huan.
Originally wanted the snow to throw off, wholesale authentic jersey and went on to Zhao Huan there, who knows that little girl did not listen to my words, be said that many strange things, you need the protection of a person, in case of any unforeseen circumstances, you can protect I. Advised not to walk her, I had to take her to go.
Snow out of professional habit, posing as a couple and I walk in the antique street, looked at the excited little girl look, and suddenly I have a misconception, as if we like a real couple to each other holding each other hand, happy walking in the streets of trouble, when the people around all cast envious eyes. But think of the purpose of this trip, suddenly dispelled this illusion.
We soon come to an antique street, and, as usual, cheap authentic nfl jerseys the flow of a constant stream of the street. Three hundred meters of the street kind of the feeling of overcrowding.
A wide variety of antiques filled the streets on both sides of these antique seems to have a strong interest in snow, occasionally took me came to the stall the edge to see.
These days, if you can stall on Amoy to a real antique, it is almost impossible. You want to, ah, really is a true best antique how likely will be placed in the stall for persons to watch it? In case of lost and not worth the candle. So almost no one in the stall next to the antique street would go there to buy antiques, nature is not many people there watching.
I pull the snow, because now almost noon, I was afraid to go to Amoy Baozhai, Zhao Huan there will be the thing out.
The snow, though reluctantly, but still left the stall next to.
Coming the Amoy Baozhai the door when we been a Hefatongyan old man stopped his path. Old man wearing a robe, his eyes bright and piercing, walking on the streets of downtown, it is unusual alternative. He insisted on a white flag above was shocked to read the two prominent characters?? Fortune
"The soul of the young man frivolous is not strong, between the eyebrows is the black gas, appears to be sneaky in trouble, cheap authentic jerseys if not eliminate the fear of fear for their lives, affecting other people ah, the old lady Bucai willing to solve problems for the son of the old man in front I said.
"I see you before lives can not be maintained, dead old man do not seducing here, beware of your tongue" and the snow had finished speaking, fiercely raised their fists in front of the old man's face, and seems to be crushed in the battle .
I quickly pulled up under the snow, and motioned her to not be presumptuous, and then from his pocket a fifty dollars to the old man.
Old man sometime look said, "Pindao fortune-telling, is not seeking money, the two do not seek fame and fortune, Thank you for your kindness, this money is not
"Hey, you Daohai installed very lofty, and that you give this girl the math, you count the accurate measure
Pindao fortune-telling three is not a not a high-ranking officials the name of Paul crafty villain, not two, three is not razor
"You ... nfl jerseys china you said what kind of talent will be counted snow angrily said.
"Pindao count only the affinity of the girl you missed with the Pindao not counted within the" old man faint I went on to front I said "son will not hear the old lady said, I am afraid that the occurrence of a major natural disaster in the future ah. " Then the old man turned and left the