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Solution to Category Suggestion
It seems to take a long time to suggest a new category. I propose a solution.

We need an Other/Catchall/Interim category. That way people could toss their stories in there, have them visible on the bio, etc. etc. Since the "Edit Stories" page does have a "Change Category" function, people could just shift them out again once the category got added in the fullness of time.
I believe this issue was addressed a while, back. Feel free to correct me as I might not be understanding you fully, but I'll quote the text so you can see for yourself.
Subject: A New Category

The only reason I bring this suggestion up here, is because it could fit in all the sections (Movies, Comics, etc.) A miscellaneous category for both fandoms that are too small to warrant a category or ones that haven't been put up yet due to time constraints. That way, authors still have some place on this site that put these fics up.
posted on: 2005-08-23 05:36:29

This is something we've been trying to avoid from the beginning, actually. It's mostly based on my own experiences with MediaMiner--who wants to sift through a humongous Miscellaneous category for their obscure fandom? It's much better for the readers to have specific categories for each fandom, and doesn't lead to a bunch of mis-categorized fics when the specific category has been created.

Also, in theory, a new category shouldn't take long to be added. We're currently a bit behind on them, because we're in the middle of revamping the tools we use for managing categories and characters, but once we're finished with that coding, new category suggestions should be able to be added to the database in a matter of hours. That should make it a lot more convenient to just suggest a new category for a fic that doesn't have one yet.
posted on: 2005-