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I hate anime......
Then mediaminer is probably not the place for you.

In all fairness, though, American translations and for-TV censored cuts do tend to make anime look a lot more putrid than it really is.
I hate anime regardless from where it's from
By definition, it's usually from Japan.
Ya...I know
Hey, I quit mediaminer because I write in final fantasy fandom, and the category there is a mess because they don't distinguish between the 12 games and Advent Children and Last Order and whatever else Square's coming up with . . . (well, at least the last time I checked, which was a year ago.)
i dont like the rating system...because a person can set the poem to be rated badly but without any explanation why! then that's people first impression on the poet!
Yeah, mediaminer is very strict about that... IMHO, since the FF games all have different worlds and characters, it would be valid to put them in different categories.

lq, you have so many poems that there is almost no way that your three or so pieces that got rated down will be the first thing of yours that casual readers see.
LOL! true...:P but i like my suicide note poem...all well...