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Fanfiction.net Exodus, are Poeple Acutally Coming Here?
Anyone who writes Fanfic knows that fanfiction.net has been cracking down on adult fanfics and then there are groups like Critic's United and Literate Union who troll peoples fics and report them just so they can look super cool for their internet buddies, people are starting to leave.

Have a lot of them come over here? I've been on here for years but i haven't updated stories that I've finished, but I am just in cased I get banned form fanfiction.net by the stupid trolls. Not that they could get me for anything, I actually follow the rules.

So has anyone come here from ff.net because of all that stuff?
Um, hell yeah I did.
Not going to lie, I'm a ffnet abuser. I actually never read the guidelines when I originally made my account because I hadn't planned on uploading anything but somehow I've become a pretty accomplished author... And um... Yeah. Here I am.
I won't lie, I've abused their rules. Not always knowingly. But where else am I supposed to put my stories? I suppose I just didn't know what else to do. In any case, here I am. I don't like this format so much nor am I very excited about the fact that my category suggestions necessary to some of my works have either gone unseen or just ignored, but oh well.
At least I have a backup.
They have you dont get in trouble on here and the people of ficwad always chase them away so they never stay for more than a few days.

jumped boat myself
my appologies for typos and limited punctuation. my cell can only do so much..

i am an ex fanficer. wasnt too thrilled with the rule changes and was utterly disgusted by the l.u. and thier associates so i walked after almost eight years on ff.

while happy to have a place to post thats not bogged down with the l.u. situation, and not pro censorship/ elitist this place isnt perfect. off topicness (see the fic recs forum for an example) and the disorganization are big turn offs for posting. another issue a lot of the stories i want to post i cant. theres no section for them and the "suggest a section" hasnt garnered me any results.

still it is a place to post. and i will put up what i can.
Guilty as charged.
I left after I had to get my emotions out after the Orlando massacre.

Not a lot of people were happy with what I had to say.
Oh yes lots of people from Fanfiction.net are here. I'm on all three fanfiction sites.

This one, A03, and Fanfiction.net

To tell you the truth...
I had thoughts about leaving FanFic.net as soon as they starting cracking down on "SJW's" or whatever in Christ's name people are labeling each other now. I wrote a fanfic in which two characters talk about the crisis where it can basically be summed up as a war on empathy. I was immediately called "cancer, autism, and AIDS all rolled up into one" on sight.