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Safari in South Africa
There are many excellent ways to go on an African safari: there are wilderness safaris, overland safaris, national park safaris, but the most luxurious way of going on a safari is definitely a private game reserve safari in South Africa.

Nowhere else can one enjoy an African Safari more close-up, more intense and more intimately. Africa safaris of that kind are often very expensive, however. This is often due to excessive safari travel agent fees, huge marketing costs for the safari lodge, and also often an excessive, and yet unnecessary, extent of gimmick luxury.

The Vuyani Safari Lodge is in that domain a refreshing breath of fresh air in the world of African safaris. Safaris in South Africa are now affordable again, yet just as luxurious, and definitely more personalised than most other Africa safari lodges.

The Vuyani Safari Lodge offers 5 suites only, and, with its location on 36,000 acres of pristine African bush land, just next to the Kruger Park, it offers the sort of African safari experience that most can only dream of.

But it does not need to remain a dream anymore! The rates for a safari adventure at the Vuyani Safari Lodge are unbeatable in South Africa which is making the dream of a luxury Africa safari a possibility for a wider travel audience than ever.