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Tilapia Fish

Tilapia fish is a common name of nearly a hundred species of cichlid fish from the telapiine cichlid tribe. Tilapia inhabit a variety of fresh water habitats, including shallow streams, ponds, rivers and lakes.This fish is low in fat, recently it has become one of the most important "aqua culture" fish in the world.
A typical tilapia is between 1-2 pounds, and are almost always sold as skinless fillets. You can find them swimming in Asian restaurants and markets in tanks, because they can tolerate crowding. You can choose which fish you want from the tank and dispatch it for you on the spot.
What does tilapia taste like? Well...not much. It is very lean, very white and very high in protein. And it has almost no flavor of its own. Tilapia doesn't "taste like fish," which is why it is so popular in the United States.
As a cook, think of tilapia as a blank slate for whatever recipe you use. Unlike most fishes, where simplicity is the rule, with tilapia anything else on the plate is going to be the star, so here's where you highlight that great salsa recipe, or a killer sauce, or perfectly steamed veggies.
Tilapia works very well with Asian dishes -- it can be crispy-fried whole with a rippin' hot Sichuan sauce -- and is great in in fish tacos.
How to cook it? Tilapia is delicate, so it's best fried, steamed, baked or broiled. Do not eat it raw.
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