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LOTR recommendations (add your own!)
Well, I'm trying to remember to recommend stuff. I'm not usually a slash fan (no objections to the concept, I just happen to swing differently) but this was an exquisite one-shot for the genre:
"Two Hearts, Entwined" by Michelle
I got one!

A classic take of bona-fide parody being mistaken for OOC: Pippin's Diary. The middle kind of drags but the beginning and end are freaking funny.


Here's a rec for an interesting story. It's an LOTR/Star Trek
crossover, and as weird as that sounds, it's unusually well done. It's not finished yet, but there's enough of the story up that you can really get your teeth into it.

Michelle (mentioned above by helluin) is a much better literary prose stylist than the average, so I'd recommend her works. Here's her author page.

Wow, thanks blushes! I'm here for only two months and have been writing for five and I get my stuff recced. You made my day!

As for my recs:

First and foremost I absolutely have to rec Tenshi no Korin's "Of Elves and Men". I actually read that a while back on another website and found it archived here as well when I registered. It is one of the best A/L stories out there, so if you enjoy slash at all, it's an absolute must-read. The fact that the author obviously doesn't write in the LOTR-fandom makes for a unique perspective and s/he (?) doesn't fall into any of the traps A/L authors are privy to.

And secondly, "finer far than queen" by llamajoy, because of the atmosphere this story creates. Eowyn has always been one of my favourite characters and those three Vignettes were a joy to read.
I've brushed past Tenshi no Korin before, more her FFVII stuff, but the note in her bio is so very insulting.
Well... yeah. But if the story rocks, the author can have his or her quirks. Just take Anne Rice;-)
I suppose... I don't buy a $10+ ticket for Tom Cruise to be a sane, stable guy with a religion that I like. I buy my $10+ ticket for him to play one in the movies.

Still, Tom Cruise isn't posting on a website that invites comment and critique.
Well, you can or cannot like the bio. But that won't stop you from reviewing if you feel like you have something to say. So I'd just ignore it:)
Someone who says she doesn't want my "literary opinion"? You can bet she's going to hear what I have to say. As she doesn't tend to write in my fandoms, though, it'll quite probably be a non-issue.