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Two FF8 Recs
I had this idea to post up a whole variety of recs, you know, something for everyone. And then I hunted around my computer for a while, and then I got wildly distracted, and then there was the brief trip to Venezuela and other wacky occurrences, and finally I remembered that I have really finicky taste in writing anyway. Nonetheless! Here's two, both from Baconfat, who I am pretty sure does not have an account here - thus, both of these fics are on external sites - but who earns the Most Deserving of Wider Recognition award.

Timber Maniacs - Biggs and Wedge, after the game. This has brilliant characterisation, which you wouldn't expect given that they have about fourteen lines between them. It is also hilarious, and highly quotable.

The Successor - And now let's go from hilarious to creepy and... creepy. Not to mention distinctly creepy. A slightly different take on the ending FMV, and a different take that makes a lot more sense than the original. Also, creepy.