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THis one was going to be an All THat GLitters is Cold contest entry, but I ran out of time. I'm resuming writing it now. It's a Golden Sun fic.

All right, people. I've finally done it. I've blown up and written How To Write A Lord of The Rings Badfic. It'll probably make you queasy. For those with a strong stomach, here's the link.

As they say in LJ-geekdom, locust, that piece is so much the win.

ALL right. I'm getting the self-pimp itch.

Mainly because of:
"Dragon of Zanarkand" ~ A revisioning of FFX adapted to work as an oral performance piece for an audience that's never heard of Final Fantasy or seen a scrap of anime. Link that starts the story is a recording.

Dead Man's Thirst (FFX):
Vignette. Playing with how magic works, and toying with Auron's head.

Love Her and Despair (FFX):
Vignette. Imagining the next Sin, if Yuna had instead accepted the offer of the first Guardian to volunteer for the job.

Lulu Sutra (FFX): (Warning: NC-17)
Erotica. Somewhat inspired by Sappho's school for brides-to-be. A slightly older woman helping a younger friend learn about her body and that weird thing called sex.
Whoops. "Love Her and Despair"
I should probably say PG-13 for implied character death and scary imagery in that one, come to think of it.

I did it. I'm one of those folks who doesn't finish a multi-chapter work very often. This is my most widely-read piece, "Resurrection III: Stolen Fayth" (you don't need to have read the previous two, which are just lemons). 40,000 words, 18 chapters, 8 months in the writing.

Final Fantasy X
Summary: Lulu secretly returns to the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth to repay an old debt. The price may be more than she -- and Auron -- can afford.
Warnings: Some chapters include violence (battle), erotic and/or nonconsensual sexual content.
Link: http://www.ficwad.com/viewstory.php?sid=11143

These are my fics here. I have FFX-2, YGO, Star Ocean, Etc. Enjoy!

Ghosts. It's HP but because of my obsesion with the Black sisters, it focuses on them, Andromeda in particular. I've been told this is my best work, ever.
I'm a sucker for self-promotion. XD


Here are my original fics, involving random girls inspired by my friends with a little bit of me thrown in there.

There's also my FOB!fic, which you can find in my profile, mostly because I'm too lazy to link here. XD
Just started my story and would very much appreciate feedback of any kind, like ideas and any grammer/spelling errors you find ^^ thanks
Go here! ---> http://www.ficwad.com/viewstory.php?sid=35318
Shamlessly self-promoting
I just uploaded chapter 2


and I just started this one


I would appreciate it very much if someone were to read this and review (I've only gotten 17 hits in 1 week and I know I can do better than that).