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To the many authors that have posted things here before, does it help? Do you actually get more views, or more importantly reviews, by posting things here? Or is it a futile effort, simply giving you something to do?
I really can't tell, EatThePath, because there's no way to track whether people have come to one's stories through this thread or some other means.

I think I may have gotten more, though, when I used to be a regular poster in this forum.
Hey! Please check out my story, /Aveyond Dreams/!!

Ohh! I'm a shameless plug addict.

Search for MySelf by Kandice
Calleigh abadoned her home at a young age for the not so glorious life of fangbanging. Now she's the right hand man for a controlling, reticent vampire who has a penchant for causing trouble. But that isn't as glorious as it sounds, either.

It's a interesting spin on an old cliche because the characters are older, have jobs, and Calleigh (unlike the virginal protagonists you find on Quizilla) used to be an addict and prostitute. Of course, she's "reformed" now...
Might as well give it a try, maybe somebody will actually read my stuff.
I'd prefer to get some feedback on Bloody Rose, but you can read any of my stuff. I am actually planning on updating some of them soon and adding some new stuff =)
Hi!! I feel completely stupid for saying read my stuff...But I really need some people telling me if it sucks or whatever!! My friends think it's great, but I need people who don't know me to tell me!! Ahhh.

It's about a girl who's best friend is a ghost and she goes through alot in her life. It's actually kind of funny (says me!) So maybe someone could read it..?? PLEASE!

http://www.ficwad.com/story/117970 please and thank you!!

Shameless Self-promtion
Things are getting hotter in celebrity Fanfic with the publication of ALIENATED- my new paranormal thriller featuring Paris Hilton.
It all starts one horror-filled night when aliens stealthily visit New York City then capture and spirit away victims. Paris Hilton is one of those taken away and life couldn't be more hellish for her when on arrival she is sold to an alien lord who slaughters humans for body parts.

Check it all out here: http://ficwad.com/story/255414
Disclaimer: This book is not Sci-Fi although the blurb may sound like. The plot is mostly fantasy, with some romance threads weaved in.
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