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Um...hi? ^__^
Hey to all who have bothered to read this. I suppose this means I'm slightly more interesting than watching paint dry.....-_-

Uh, yeah. So, first time on site and I'm still getting used to all of this. But I'm also trying to decide wether or not to post a story (written god knows how long ago). It's Kurama/Hiei and at the current moment it has disappeared which saves me from making this decision. But once I find it, you may see a new story up.

Okay, this was really pointless, but I really just wanted to say "hi" and let everyone know that I existed.

...'k then.....Ja ne!!!
You would not happen to be the same Ookami who used to hang around on the I.D. forum, would you?
Greetings from the madly obsessed writer of the FFX forums! :D
Nope! I'm an original. I've known about this site for about a month but just signed up. ^__^.