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Hello all!
Hi everyone! I got told to come here by a friend...nice website so far. I've just uploaded the first chapter of one of my Harry Potter fanfictions (of which I have many).

My name is Amy, I'm from England and I'm a staff member of the fast growing website, "The Hogwarts Experience" (http://hogwarts-experience.heavenforum.com)

Hmm...that's about all I have to say I think...read my stories and visit the site!
Do you write for anything else or are you a one-fandom fan?
I really only write in the Harry Potter fandom. In the past I've dabbled in His Dark Materials and I once started a Harry Potter/Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy crossover, but I find the world of Harry Potter the easiest to write in. JKR has given us so many characters to work with - it's great :)