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Suggestion for a new feature
Maybe this is just me, but I hate pairing fics. Can't stand them. I would really appreciate a warning for them, so I could filter them out.
It's called romance.
Pairing fics are, by nature, romance or erotica, right? So just avoid romance or erotica stories and you should avoid pairings.
Truthfully, this seems a rather small concern. I do not care for romance fics, and I can usually tell from the list of characters that one is coming. I would rather see warnings for slash and erotica. Those seem of more concern. But, if the author is doing their job correctly, they will mention in the summary if there is slash, so, even that is not always needed.
Do you mean all pairing fics or just non-canon pairing fics? If the former, then JK is right and romance should do you.