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Anita Blake!!
I don't know about anybody else but the Anita Blake series is one of the best around. I think they have the perfect mix of romance, violence, and horror. I also like the fact that a lot of the vampires and were whatever's fear her. That rocks that she has that power. I think it's very sad in the Killing Dance when Richard finds out that she slept with Jean-Claude. Tell me what you think.
I like the Anita Blake books too, but I think the earlier books were better. Now it's just spiraled down into a play by play account of her bedroom escapades. I think the only reason I keep reading them is some obscure hope that it'll shift back to the monster hunting.
That and I love Edward. I'd keep reading for eternity on the off chance he's ever featured heavily again.
I love the whole series :) the endless sex scenes do get a bit old, and it's gotta be said that anita is a total mary sue, but the violence and craziness always drags me back in :) and I love edward as much as the next guy but I liked the fact he had such an aura of mystery, after I think obsidian butterfly I lost some of my interest x
What exactly is Anita Blake?

Don't mind me, just want to know.