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"respond to this review" link needed for individual stories.
I think I saw someone else mention this; apologies for the repetition, but it's becoming imperative. I'm hoping this won't take too much tweaking to add.

Right now, we can view an individual story's reviews by clicking on the "view reviews" link at the top of a chapter or next to the story's title in our profile, but there's no option to respond to those reviews there.

Instead, we have to go to our profile, view ALL reviews for ALL our stories, and scroll down to find the review we were just looking at to respond to it. I hate to sound greedy, but when one has over 100 reviews, this is a laborious process.
Yeah, it was me begging for a little more convenience when responding to reviews. It's one hell of a scrolling job once you have a few stories and a few reviews.

So let's hope we get heard, otherwise we'll have to push the thread up:)
sad bump

It's getting harder and harder to respond to reviews. This makes me sad. Help?
And now an additional, similar problem creeps into the picture: once one has written, say, four or five stories that all have 10+ chapters, the "Manage Stories" page becomes incredibly long.

I like having all the stories on one page. I like NOT having to click on a story name, and then click on chapters. it saves a step. However -- would it be possible to have the "manage Stories" page default to showing just story titles, and then have an arrow or something whereby one could show/hide the chapters for a given story? That would tuck them out of sight unless one was editing them.
That sounds like a good idea. It would make adding chapters easier for the more prolific among us.
I didn't notice the last two posts here when I made my topic asking for the same thing lol. I agree, it'll be a great idea to have a toggle effect to show/hide chapters.

I also think a Review Reply feature would be great.