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panic at the disco
has anyone read a panic the disco fanfic on this site or anyother websites
There are a lot on quizilla.com
i really suggest reading the panic! fics by another_girl
her stories are simply amazing. she has one story complete and one in the works.
i've read a lot. i've written some too (or at least started to write some). There are some pretty good ones, as well as some pretty shitty ones here.
I've read lots. I've written some, too.
'Time to dance'
'Sweetie, you had me' which isn't quite finished
Fandomination has a lot but most are poorly done. Quizilla's aren't that great. Fanworks.org has some okay ones.
yeah...i really like "Make Us It, Make Us Hit, Make Us Scene" and "A Token Groupie". Hasn't been updated in a while though, and got the title lyrics wrong. i'm writing "A Therapeutic Chain of Events"
yea....there are a lot of great Panic! fan fics out there.
some news ones like 'Runaway Love'
and many more..

I have 3 Panic! stories. On i just put up and 1 I am almost done with and another one where I am not even close to being done. So if you could check them out. I would love it!!
Broken Promise over at ezboard is my fave fanfic haunt. The people are super sweet and there's also an unusual amount of talent there, check it out!
hiii im new to the forum but ive been a member for awhile

anyway i was lookin for this old panic FF i think i must have got deleted .. i 4get the title n author but the storyline was.... some chick worked at a business place n had this bitchy co worker...

the co woker took ehr to lunch to meet panic n rub it in her face.... sparks fly then yea.... her n ryan are supposed to be lik going behind hte btchs back in secret,,,,'

anyone remba it???

thanks for ut time ^^