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Change the site's look and style
I believe if you update the look and style of this site, more internet users will come here and tell their internet buddies about it. Also, if you advertise this site on search engines such as Yahoo! and Google, you'll have a big hit.
I think the site's look is sufficiently modern. If you get much more modern than this, then it starts taking 5-10 minutes to load on dialup and that makes me a very sad panda.
I like the layout. Practical and classy. You could offern different skins for the larger fandoms - but in my opinion it's not really a must.
Skins would be a great idea! I, for one, would love to see a skin that's just like this, but with a black background and either white (#FFFFFF) or green (#00FF00) text, and an appropriate color for the shaded areas. I'm very photosensitive and white backgrounds with black text are very hard on my eyes, and very, very troublesome when I'm having a migraine. I even have trouble reading black text on white paper sometimes. So I think a black skin would increase my Ficwad productivity. I do fine without it though; but it would be nice. It would probably be rather hard to impliment though, and personally I'd rather see the attention devoted to category additions and character list corrections.

Two small changes would be nice would be nice, though. One being linking our name on the "Welcome, {username}!" to our profile, and the other being having a link to "Recently Added" stories on the front page. Those would speed up my browsing time enormously :p