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I'm in a couple of fandoms where the games are popular enough, but their stories don't seem to strike people as ripe for fanfic. Pikmin was the first, and I've got an Elite Beat Agents fic to post as soon as the section is created. And maybe the Kirby fandom is borderline small, but I haven't written for that one in ages.
Alex Rider of the slash variety- it's pretty rare, but I don't like any of the het options we have for that fandom...
"Gestalt": A manga produced by Yun Kouga. The anime for it only lasted for the episodes, and was fairly cheaply done. I became so obsessed with it that I got my Japanese-reading friends to translate the manga. I don't care for anything else that Yun Kouga has done, but I still have a fondness for this series. It takes place in a fantasy world, and is about a priest who decides he must break the main taboo of his religion, and go to the island of G in order to see whether the basic claims of his faith are true.

"Heroic Legend of Arislan": A manga from the '90s; was also made into an anime which, in my opinion, has the best animation ever. (And yeah, kiddies, this was back in the day when animation was still done 100% by hand, and not with computers. It still looks better than most of the stuff out today. Deal.) It's about Prince Arislan, of course, and the people who gather around to help him take back his kingdom.

"They Were Eleven": An anime movie from the early '90s. It's a sci-fi story about a group of students who want to join a Federation-style organization. To join, they have to pass a final test, which involves ten of them being shipped out onto a derelict spaceship. However, when they arrive at the ship, they find that there are eleven of them, not ten. The rest of the movie delves into paranoia, the alliances people make with each other (and why), and gender-bending. Great show. No one's seen it.