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Down to the basics
Hello all,

I'm new to FicWad, and would love to post my fics ASAP, but I can't seem to find the 'Submit' button in the 'Add Story' page. I can only see the options 'Preview' and 'Cancel'. Am I doing something wrong here or is there something I should know about before I can start uploading?

Thank you very much for any help.
You have to preview your fic before you upload it. Once you've previewed it and have given it a good once over, you'll see the "add story" button appear.

Make sure you fill in ALL of the required blanks. If your story doesn't have a character list yet, then write in a character or two. Otherwise, it'll kick you back to "preview" again until the blanks are filled in.

Hope this helps.
I have actually done all of the above (last night) but it did not work so I gave up for the night. ^^; Will try it again now and see how it goes.
Okay, it's working now. Thank you!