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Constructive criticism?
Do most people that want constructive criticism put something in the summary or author's notes? How do most handle it?
Personally, I think once you put your story out there you should be prepared for people reacting to it. In all kinds of ways:)
Given that the Ficwad review system is designed to favor constructive crit, I say that, at least on this site, you should go ahead. As long as you don't use personal attacks or get too nasty, there shouldn't be a problem. Generally, I would assume that people want CC unless they have some kind of warning in their summary that indicates senstiivity about their story.
nod That was my take, that most people were here for the atmosphere of concrit that this site has. Thank you for your responses.
Little is more frustrating than unhelpful reviews. like, my ONE REVIEW reads: 'Disturbing. If you wanted to show me a gaping, smiling hole where someone's heart used to be, then mission accomplished.'

Is this a good thing? Is this a bad thing? THIS IS NOT HELPFUL
Yeah, good point there.
I kind of enjoy empty complimentary reviews, but that's becuase I love attention. Still, I prefer reviews that tell me what I did right, or what I did wrong.

As for that review you got, PIkabot, what was the story about? Just from reading the review, I got the impression that you did a good job, in the story, of descibing a character who has undergone enough trauma to render them depraved. Maybe. I dunno. I haven't read the piece. But yeah, that is rather vague.
PikaBot, that review made me laugh out loud! It was clearly constructed after some great thought, although, unlike Jesus, I interpret it as meaning the story was depressing? I'm tempted to read your story off the back of that so I guess it works in that sense. However, from your posting on the Titles thread, I'm a bit nervous about it - don't want to mentally scar myself or anything!
I got a review that basically lambasted the anime I wrote for, calling the whole programme 'gay' but making absolutely no reference to my story which was really helpful!
Jensti, I'm a big fan of angstfic. I'm like a stereotypical emo kid, without the sharp implement. So when someone really does a good job of writing for a depraved or insane or depressed character, I fangirl. XD
Heh, Jensti, I wouldn't worry. I put rating and warnings on my stuffs. I just thought Sgt Snarky was being rather...alarmist. THe worst that story has to offer is brutality against fish.