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The movie's end was kinda lame...it should have ended with Alessa or PH
It should have ended with some resolution. I understood the ending, it just did not make sense. Did they ever get back? Did she and her husband find each other? Why did they kill the cop, I thought she should have survived? Do they plan to make a sequel? If so, I will wait until it hits the free shelves at Blockbuster. It was not worth money I spent renting it. Too true of most of the "horror" films. They have no plot or resolution. If I want to be scared, I will read Poe. Now, there was a master; King and Craven could both learn a thing or two from him. Well, King may have, but Craven's stuff is just lame.
I agree with you there. But I do see SOME horror films in the theaters...but I have to be careful.

Craven's stuff is lame :P
I am a massive fan of the Silent Hill series. I like the music too as Akira Yamaoka seems to have a very good ear for sounds that combine in the zaniest of ways! I thought the film had some really good artistic shots and I wasn't let downt hat much.

I also think it makes a change that they didn't totally trash a game to film cross like many others that could be mentioned.

(Wow that was a long winded post for me)
the music was great
Well, first game I ever played (by myself... the night of my birthday) was the 3rd, with Ms. Heather Mason starring.

Since then, my geeky infatuation with Heather has led me to buy the 4th, 2nd and even the 1st (thank you, $10.00 Kenny from the flea/black market), which slowly perpetuated me to become a full fledged fan.

I've seen it all: the fanfiction, the fan art, the movie... which I gotta say, despite the ending, still had a humongous degree of awesomeness around it.

As for Wes and Stephen... there's more than one way to express yourself artistically. Some people suck at writing or drawing, so they make movies, some suck at acting or drawing, so they write, and some suck at acting or writing, so they draw. Everyone has their thing, and Wes and Stephen are no exception, no matter the big men they are.

As for Poe, whom I love and have great respect for, his writing had more cock than anyone elses... but the movies... heh.

Anyway, for real Silent Hill fans, here's a pop quiz: from where does the "wobbly heads" effect come from originally?

I have the movie. It was good, but when you've played the games it just seems to pale in comparison.
Yeah, after watching the movie about 4 times...it got real old, real fast.
Exactly. I've think I've watched it maybe 4 or 5 times @ the most in all the time I've had it.
It's a movie you can't watch over and over again. You should watch it once, go on, then watch it again. You have to space your Silent Hill watchings out.