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New Refugee from AFF
Sheer aggravation led me here. Someone suggested this site to me after I complained about the goings on at AFF (skewed ratings and review issues). The philosophy here is different and interesting and I'm curious to see what may happen when I transfer my stories here. And I'm looking forward to reading some fresh fics!
Cool. What do you write?
I've got six Harry Potter fics under my belt,(hoping to get those up here soon) one Phantom of the Opera, and am hoping to do some originals. I'm also getting my feet wet on anime; I might try some of that, too, eventually.
Ah! More HP authors, yay! Concerning the hp fandom: What do you write? What do you ship?
Much love! Cant wait to read ur stuff!
Like any archive, the challenge is getting readers, and R/R varies a lot by which fandom you write for. I expect having Potterdom as one of your categories will help gain you readers and establish you as a writer!

I do like ficwad best, though. It's become my home base.

AFF drives me nuts. I use it as a spare stash for my work, have since found much more constructive feedback here and more reviews. Also, the interface/author control panel has options far more easily arranged at one's fingertips.

Personally, in order to find more writers and readers, I find it very useful to get involved in a fandom through LJ -- mine happens to have a lot of scattered writers who post there -- and contribute there, then use Ficwad to post and archive polished pieces plus my R/NC-17 pieces that I'd rather have tucked beyhind a filter.