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Hello :)
I am yet another refugee from FF.net in search of life, liberty, and somewhere to post my stories :D.

Too many restrictions on FF.net, so new as I am, Ficwad is just right for me.

Enjoy your newly-earned writing freedoms ;D
Thank you le-Popo :)
hey! so, which fandoms are you peeps a part of?
i, myself, am a harry potter and Zelda fanatic!! Im such a crazy fangirl... as if my username didn't say that already X)
Hey LoveSnape, I write for CSI Vegas but I read in The Sentinel, CSI: New York, CSI: Miami, Stargate Atlantis, Xena, Buffy, and Angel.
hey, call me Saffron, Saffy, Saff, any variation on Saffron! Iv even heard Ronnie and Saffy-Taffy, so im really cool with watever u want! ;) Aw damn. Sigh. Oh well, thats cool. Ill add you on my favs anyway!! ^_^
Much love!