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Hey guys, quite a nice place you've got here. I'd like to contribute some of my works, starting with my latest story. Constructive criticism would be helpful, thanks.
Hey, "Life as..." is somewhat unreadable... i'd go back and fix that. Aside from that... Hey! I'm Saffy! Nice to meet you! shakes clandestine's hand :)
Nice to meet you too. shakes hand how do I get quotations in?
well, how'd u upload ur fic? is it just an uploaded file or is it text?
Well, it was a word doc, but I just went through and fixed it.

By the way I'm Gabe, 15 years old, nice too meet you.
Saffron, 14, from California, USA. Fabulous!
Hey, I read your first story, it was great.
oh! thx so much!! im so glad you liked!! I need as many readers as i can get! They're really the ones that drive me to keep writing...