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I will second the easier to post. I have not updated my story at ff.net in a coon's age. It is just a hassle for me. I write everything in MicroSoft Word (except when I use the small laptop, then it is Notepad). Then, I have to format it to Notepad, or Wordpad, then put in the paragraph breaks. It is easier just to copy and paste from the main site I post to.

I do like this site better than ff.net. It is more user-friendly and looks nicer. I only have issues with one aspect. Otherwise, I am moving more of my stuff here, ratings notwithstanding.
hey rous i would love to post another place for my poems (but i still love fictionpress, even though i dont like the guidelines i have to agree to like every week)...can u send me the address through the contact thing.
Re: i dont post much anymore because there are not a lot of readers on this site
There is a huge difference between the reviews and reactions you get from this site compared than with the readers from let's say FanFiction.
In FanFiction, more then 70,000 people read the story, here several hundreds. I got more specific and better reviews here then in FanFiction.

I prefer to post my stories here, instead of FanFiction. But that is my personal opinion.
I do both. I post on ffnet for the foot traffic, here for the ratings and reviews, mediaminer for the (mostly) lack of censorship, on ID or US for the prestige. The list goes on.
I think that we could get more of anatraction so that it would get better to your question so yeah that is what I thought.