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Help !!
How do u come up with ideas??
n How do you keep em goin ??
thankies n byee
x-xJafax-x AKA Hannah
Wow...this has got to be one of the hardest things to reply to. I guess what you need to do is get an idea of what you want in your head. Say for instance, you want to right about the life of the apple you ate yesterday. You think of where it came from, it's life, at least up unto the point it died. What happened in between. Add a couple plot twists, write it down, then work from there.

That's how I work with an idea that pops up.
Try listening to music while you write. I always get quotes and inspiration from the music I listen to ("BIG FAT TIRES AND EVERYTHING!!" HA! That's gotta be the best one...) and from the people who write it.
Every day we do things where our brain just sort of shuts off, we go into autopilot. When we're bathing, making lunch, getting ready for bed, stuff like that. I find that these are the times when I get my inspiration. Try to let your mind wander at these times. Use them to think about the questions you have about your fandom, if you write fanfiction, or, if you don't have a fandom, just random things, maybe things you've seen or heard over the day.

You may want to consider writing down your dreams. I've written pieces inspired by my dreams before, but you may not remember them if you don't write. Actually... write down any ideas you have. Keep a little notebook on hand and jot them down.

Also, I have to agree with Gabi_Texi's suggestion. While I don't use quotes from songs in my work a lot anymore, I do get a lot of inspiration from music. In fact, for my more involved projects I'll often make a playlist for the work as a whole, and then each individual character. Picking songs that match your characters makes it a lot easier to stay in character and get inside their heads. I find it also helps me put that soul into my writing, that essential reality of the character's heart. It's also an essential help for pacing, something I have trouble with.

Good luck!
Re: music, it can help if you listen to songs that match the tone of the piece you're trying to write. When I write One Piece fanfiction, I listen to a lot of piratical music(Pirates of the Carribean soundtrack, music from the show, etc).