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Mean Reviewers
I hate it when someone doesn't review. It bugs me. I also know that alot of you have read what I wrote earlier. Yeah well here is my side of the story.
Emirya_Shirou, or something like that. I am a good writer. That's your opinion. I don't need a beta reader. I can do that myself. I am going to change those summeries (i just didn't want to waste tie on them). I might have alot to learn but so what, I'm young, I'll learn.

Rous, you have nothing good to say about my writing. I'm beginning to question the thought of you just flat out hating me. You never read the stories I recomend you read. Those are my best ones. You always give me a bad review. Not one good one. I could go to my e-mail right now and check that. I will. Nope, not one nice review. You only seem to look on the bad side of my writing. Like in my poem Moonligh Shadow. You started off kind of nice, then you added something that was wrong with it. Becuase obviously soemthing is always wrong with my poetry. Always. I would like you to read some of my other work adn then question me about that. See wha I say. Well I won't be mean but I will be pissed.

Markpoa, is not a half bad guy. I called him a jerk when he wrote me a very critical reiew for my story that isn't even finished yet. But now I find tha he isn't half bad.

I would also like to say. I'm only human so some people need to hold there opinions to themselves. I hate it when people are mean. Also think about one thing.
Have you ever made a mistake?
If you have then I suggest that you excuse me for mine.
Later, Love ya all.
Well not everyone....
PikaBot If you want people to give you their opinion, you shouldn't be shocked when some of it is negative.
Rous Okay, here is a thought. You tell us that we all write crap and then demand critiques. Well, that is what I gave you. A critique is not telling you what you want to hear; it is telling you what I think.

Personally, I get POed when someone calls me stupid about a subject that I am very knowledgeable in. English and grammar were my majors; I excelled in them, meaning that I got straight As in all my grammar and lit courses. I am not bragging, I am stating fact: I know what I am talking about. Your writing is bad. It is worse than bad. Now, you can get angry or pissy about it all you want, it will not change the facts. You DO need a beta, if only to tell you your stories lack any depth at all.

A piece of advice: do not go into a barroom brawl unarmed. You came into our space and started a fight. Unfortunately, you have no weapons to fight us with, and we are all armed. So, either get over yourself, or grow up, or go away. You are only welcome if you are willing to play by the rules of the sandbox. So far, all you do is kick sand and cry when it blows back into your face. If this sounds mean, consider what it would be like if we were all face to face. We have been tolerant and as kind as we could, under the circumstances. I, for one, am tired of your petty tantrums. If you want people to tell you how good you are, even though you obviously cannot write a paragraph, then go over to ff.net. They cater to really bad writing. And no one cares.

I do not hate you. Trust me, you are far from the most hateful person I have come across on the 'net. I just have two teens and work with more and I am not interested in spending my online time with more children. You asked for something, we gave, and you spit in my face for my trouble. I feel you get what you deserve as long as you are being so hateful yourself.
MarkPoa [quote]I called him a jerk when he wrote me a very critical reiew for my story that isn't even finished yet. But now I find tha he isn't half bad.[/quote]

Thank you, though I'm wondering where you got the idea that I'm not half-bad, considering both of my reviews to you were "very mean". :P

Kidding. I guess the best advice I could have given you for the Lexi Wilson story is to not mark it as "completed" if it's really not finished yet.

It would be easy to say "don't be too sensitive" here, but what I would really wish you'd have is more of an open mind. There are people who write mean reviews (in retrospect, my review was a bit harsher than normal. I blame insomnia), but they may be saying something that you could be considering.
MarkPoa By the way, if you're young and you want to learn... attacking people who criticize you is not the way to do it. Take it from me. My best reviewer was someone who started his review with "What the hell is this piece of crap?!?"

True story.
pinkfroggie06 I am replying to Rous.
I do not tell you crap. I wanted critques and I wanted critques before anyway. Now I want a critques even more.
You were right about all of that.
Except for one thing.
When you told me "Your writing is bad" and "It is worse than bad" and also "Go over to ff.net. They cater really bad writing"
Yeah, well, you tell people that you hate being called stupid about a subject that you are very knowlegeable in (English and grammer).
Well whne you were writing those nasty things to me. Did you consider my majors?
Mine are English (as the main course)
The side courses that I major in consist of these:
Writing Novels
Writing Childrens Books
Writing Poetry
Writing Short stories
Interior Designing

That's what I major in. So wether you like it or not. Others have feeling and their own opinions. And you were wrong about me being a bad writer. I have mid-terms right now so I am lucky that I have a chance to be on here. In a few words I am very busy. And don't you say I can't blame others or things for my flaws. Well you did.
So remember that the next time that you want to call someone a bad writer.
Think about what's going on in their lives.
Maybe more than there appears to be.
Rous "Problems With Stories (I'm telling you people write some pretty messed up crap)"

Either you were lying then, or you are now. Make up your mind.

"Well whne you were writing those nasty things to me. Did you consider my majors?
Mine are English (as the main course)
The side courses that I major in consist of these:
Writing Novels
Writing Childrens Books
Writing Poetry
Writing Short stories
Interior Designing"

Um, if it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck...
I can only judge your writing by...well, your writing. As I pointed out, just because you do not like something does not make it false. If you are majoring in English and writing courses, take some of your stories to your teachers and get their opinion.
I can appreciate the fact that you have midterms. But, how does that mitigate your writing errors? You are busy? I have four kids, work outside the home, manage a home business, do work for the SO and have other obligations that must be attended to. I do not blame others for my flaws. If I do not finish something because I am busy doing other things, then I have a right to blame it on something. I do not blame anything I write as a hobby on anything else. If I write badly, it is because I write badly. I am lousy at math; yet, I am not whining about the fact my checkbook is a mess. I know I am lousy. I have many other flaws, and yet, I own up to them and take responsibility for them. I did not say you could not learn or improve. Everyone who has responded to you has told you what you need: a beta. You also need some writing manuals. And yet, you choose to continue to just rant on those trying to help. I usually do not tell someone they are a bad writer; but you just keep on ragging about how unfair we are and how it is not your fault and how great a writer you are. Well, wake up and smell the coffee: it is getting stale. Either find out why people say your stories are lacking, or shut up about it.
"Those who can, do; those who cannot, blame others."

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