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Mmm...jeansvenus loves biscotti!
Heh, sorry, I just had some fantastic chocolate and ginger biscotti, thought it'd make a good subject line. Er, about me. I like writing in the Potterverse, and I'm fond of making my little Potter a smart little kid. I have one going right now that's pretty OOC, but hey...what do you call Severitus challenge fics? Or time-travel? I like to let Harry's Slytherin side out to play without doing the standard fandom thing of "if one group of people is friendly, the other has to hate him" and such. My Harry is a manipulative little sod, and he makes friends and keeps friends.

...I amuse myself, sometimes...
Well that's good! If you can't amuse yourself you'll never be able to amuse others. And in the end isn't that why we're here? (You can take 'here' as the website, or take it as here on earth if you want to make me sound deep.) XD
Right now, my petite little smelly marker, we're 'here' on ficwad. When the sun comes up? Who knows what madness I'm 'here' for.