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Hello! I can't wait to get started
Just thought I'd post to say hello to everyone. I've written for a long time, and fan fiction has always been something I've been interested in. I hope to post a whole bunch in the coming weeks. I'm a particular fan of horror, but I'll write anything I'm in the mood for.

Fantastic! I've no doubt a lot of people will be stopping by your author page and reading what you post. Is there a certain fandom you like in particular? Happy ficcing!
I don't know if there's one I like better than others. As I said, horror is the main thing I like to write, but the fanfic I'm doing right now is based on the 80's comedy movie "Clue", so go figure!

I've also been eyeing a "Rose Red" piece, but I'd want that to really be ass-kicking when I got to it.