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New features
Thanks to a user suggestion, we now have a "Manga" category. There aren't any stories there yet, but let's see if we can change that, shall we?

Also added tonight: warnings. Please visit our Help page (http://www.ficwad.com/help.php) for a detailed explanation. Warnings will show up in red while you're browsing the story listings, so you can be sure to avoid those ultra-spoiler high school AU fanfics, if you're not into that sort of thing.
Thank you very much for the new manga section. It's quite exciting.
The manga section was a great idea. It has the most stories in it, by far.
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Just wanted to take a moment and say what's up to all the members. Looking forward to the forum and what everyone today has to talk about.
New Feature Suggestions
Would it be possible to have a more detailed filter, like how Fanfiction.net has? That way you can search/filter out stories to find the ones you want to read specifically. Rateing, Warnings, Words, Charaters in the story and so on.

Also, maybe add in a message/PM system to be able to contact authors or they contact you.
Please Read.
Can you delete this post for me?


I have been a member of FICWAD for 5 years. Joined fanfiction.net in 2004, and I saw it took a lot of red tape to post a fanfic there. So I settled for having my Futurama fanfics posted at Futurama Madhouse for the next 5 years. Then I wanted to try my hand at American Dad fanfics. That's when I found this site. FICWAD. So, I posted my American Dad fanfics here finding it to be so easy. When I got done writing Futurama fanfics on Futurama Madhouse, I posted my Futurama ones here then, too. I even got my sister HazelWitch to join.

And now when I tried to post my latest one, you need to past some kind of 'challange' to post it? I know a lot of spammers have invaded this website posting their spam as fanfics. And you people were trying to make it hard for spammers to invade.

I am not a spammer. Understood if the 'challanges' make it hard for spammers to invade. So it shouldn't be hard to post fanfics here to those who are long time members. Maybe I should post my upcoming South Park fanfics I promised at A03.
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