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Forget, Forgive, And Party
Hi all. Yeah, remember me, yeah pinkfroggie06. Hi.
Just wanted to tell ya all this. Forget what I have wrtten (except for my last post under the section apoligies) on the forum. You all hate me i get it. We are all stressed out with jobs and paying the bills. I know what it feels like, and when you write. You get frustrated with your life so much, that you forget that you are writing and you get careless about spacing and if a word is spelt correctly or not. Then you get angry with mean reviews. I understand all of these things. When it's everyone against you. That's pretty scary. I can accept a constructive review, but I hate reviews that are flat out mean. Tell me what I can improve on. Sometimes I get ideas and i dont hve time 2 finish stories that I write. But oh well. Just wanted 2 tell u that. Later 4 now.