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Suggest a category
I think there should be a way to suggest a Parent Category as well.

I also think there should also be a section for crossovers so people don't have to wade through non crossovers if that is what they are looking for and it should be a parent category
I've always thought that it would be better to cross-link crossover stories than to have a separate category for them.
I think Ithilwen has the better idea. The crossover section at FF.net is in pretty sad shape. Plenty of writers, not so many readers for some reason.

If crossovers have to go in a separate category, at least they should be placed in related categories, such as Game crossovers in the Games section, and TV crossovers in the TV section, etc.
New Category
Might I suggest that a Heroes category be added to the television show area please. Its a really great show with a huge following already and season one isn't finished yet.
@Mild Guy: Can you give me the link for the crossover section at ff.net? I searched for one just yesterday and couldn't find it.

As for Ficwad: I think posting a story to multiple categories would help tremendously. Then I could do a search for a category (the fandom I want to read a xover in) and genre (crossover).
The crossovers are under Misc. There are a couple different crossover sections.

And no, multiple categories seems like a good idea but really isn't. It's why I don't even try to read fanfic over on Mediaminer. Any category I try to read in is swamped by unreadable fanfics that cross over twenty different series just so they can get listed in more categories. (Crossovers can be done okay, but twenty+ series in a single crossover is impossible to follow even if the author is brilliant...which they usually aren't because the sort of people willing to shoehorn in extra series for slightly more exposure are usually hacks).

Personally...I think it'd make more sense to have one crossover category with a dropdown menu (or three), like for characters, that covered fandoms. That way, if you wanted to read crossovers in a fandom, you go to the main category and select the fandom there. With two or three dropdown menus, it'd also be easier to search for crossovers between a couple of fandoms you're familiar with.

Then I guess it's back to reading crossovers at http://www.crossoverfic.com - but the archive is still quite small.
Well I think that would be great but oh well I guess we have no other choice.
A category
Stomp the Yard
I think so to but what about a Craig Parker catagory with the celebraties or something come on he played Haldir in lord of the rings come on.