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Your favorite Character flaw
So, I'm writing a story. A book, actually. An honest-to-goodness-want-it-to-be-published-by-Tor book. It's a fantasy novel. Elves, fairies, blood-thirsty creatures; the works. But I've come across a slight problem. See, I have four main heroes, two men and two women. Two of those characters (one guy, Kamus, and one girl who is a fairy) I absolutely LOVE. They're both drunks; he's a womanizer, she's verbally abusive and they're absolutly hillarious (I'm giving myself a lot of writing-credit, I know, but bear with me). The problem is the other two. I guess these two would be the primary hero and heroine if I had to choose one of each. My main hero and heroine need bigger flaws.
Okay, so to get to the point, I need help, so I've come to the best place I can think of! Ficwad!

What are some of your favorite flaws you like to see in a her (or heroine) of a story? Mind you, the characters are both big-time royalty, so we can't go too crazy and make them serial killers or completely insane.

Any suggestions you guys have would not only be welcomed but so appreciated that I'll add the names of those who helped me to the Acknowledgements in the book! No, seriously, I will!

Thanks, all!
Big time royalty, huh? Well, the first thing I thought of was an air or feeling of superiority. The "looking-down-my-nose-at-you" kind. And a cluelessness about how the other half lives; not just ignorance based on inexperience, but a desire to continue in that ignorance.

Clumsiness also came to mind. A princess is supposed to be graceful, a prince, lithe. Clumsy ones find themselves rather sneered at.

A desire to please their peers, whether what they do is fair or polite? A "what's in this for me" attitude.

These are just a few ideas off the top of my head. Hope they help.
I like Hubris, a touch of pride that it just too much for their station in life. It's a fatal flaw that can drive someone to insanity [note, spoiler: Azula from Avatar] but it's just so yummy.
Spazziness for me. Nothing like a character who spends half their time in their own little world.

Also, and this may sound strange, too much strength, both physical and mental. If you don't fall on your butt once in a while, how are you supposed to learn and advance in life?

I personally think it's a little tough to pull that off, the too much strength- if you're not very careful, you could end up with a Sue/Stu.
Don't mean to sound dumb, but...eh? What is a Sue/Stu?
Sue: Mary sue
Stu: Gary stu

The horrors of fanfiction.

Example of a Sue/Stu: Sephiroth from Final Fantasy Advent Children (Stu).
ny Oc that happens to be stronger, faster, better, kinder, nicer that the set characters, you know, the character that is just too (whatever) to be true.
I think ungratefullness is a good flaw for someone really well off. Of course, you have to aknowladge that this is a flaw otherwise it'll be super annoying.