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Interpretation of Hits:
I just figured something out. You know how, under the hit counts on "Edit Stories," there is one count for what I'll call the total story and then one for each chapter? (A three-chapter story will have four counts.)

We've been assuming, or at least I have, that the total story hitcount has been for the chapter/table of contents page that one sees before clicking on a particular chapter. However, I've found today that it ALSO reflects the number of hits received by the first chapter while the story was a single-chapter story.

For example, if a story remains a one-shot for a few months and is only later given an additional chapter, all the first chapter's hits will be rolled over into the title page count, and the first chapter's hitcount will restart at zero.

Whew! Sorry if I bored anyone. So who else figured this one out?
ok well that I didn't realize but what puzzles me is that you can have 23 hits for the title then only like nine tops after that. Ok I understand people open it, notice it's too long because there's tons of chapters then leave. But what I really don't get is that one chapter can have 9 hits then the next 7 then the next 5 after that something like 7,9,6,9. What is with that? Shouldn't all the chapters have the same hits or clost to? Do people only read some of the chapters or read one twice or three times? Doesn't make sence.
Well, the optimistic way to put it would be that some of your chapters are getting repeat business and what are you doing differently?
Maybe a reader had to leave during a chapter and then come back later-- perhaps on a different computer-- giving a double hit? I know I've had to do it, especially during school.
Yeah. Or maybe some of your chapters are more popular than others. I know once I've read a story once, I sometimes like to go back to just certain chapters that had my favorite scenes in them.