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Am I annoying?
To people on this sight, am I annoying?
Why would you assume that you're annoying? Is it becuase you went the span of like an hour on here without a reply or something?

In case you haven't noticed, this forum isn't very active. People often don't check it or reply for days. I know I don't. I'm a busy college student; I don't really have time for this site but I occasionally make it anyway.

If you can't see timestamps, in the list view of forums or threads, they're off on the right; in actual threads themselves, they appear at the bottom of every post and have the date and time. Expect long delays, up to a week, if you are to get them at all.
I just have a really short tension span. Somethings get boring faster. So if I ask something over again, or if I keep bothering someone, that's how people think I'm annoying. This place isn't as active as gaia.