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Ello!! Yeah, kinda new here, just saying hi!!
Yeah, I'm new to this website but I've been to alot of websites that are like this one so I get the general idea. I dont know how old this website is but I figure not that old because there isnt a whole lot of people here. I sure didnt know it existed until I was looking for a good fanfiction website on google. Its a good thing it brought me here. I will try to get as many people I can to know this site so it will grow and end up being popular. Anyways, I'm a pretty good writer. I have been doing so for three years. I like anime so all of my stories are probably gonna end up within the anime section. Read if you wanna, I think I'm pretty good. Not the greatest though. Well anyways, I'm gonna go eat a burrito but before I go... I just wanna say, I'm happy to be here and I was in a writing kind of mood so sorry I wrote to much here.