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All of these posts are about problems
FicWad has been majorly down today because something about the DreamHost process killer has gone absolutely mental. For whatever reason, it's killing anything run by the ficwad-website user, which (a) makes the site go down, and (b) makes it impossible for me to get into the site to work out why.

So, as a quick fallback I've migrated FicWad to a different user. Things will mostly work, though we'll build up a backlog of notification emails to be sent out. I'm waiting on a response from DreamHost support before I turn that stuff back on.

In other news, my ongoing policy of benign neglect continues apace. (Well, that's not quite true. I've been tinkering with a rewrite for a while now, and might actually get around to testing it before too long. I'm mentioning it here to shame me into actually doing so. We'll see if that works.)
There is activity again! :D
A few problems....
I tried to send an email to admin@ficwad.com, but the email could not be delivered, stating ": User unknown in virtual alias table".

I went to the site issues section of the forum, but it appears to contain 5 pages of unfiltered spam. I didn't leave a message there because I doubt it would be noticed amongst the spam.

My original attempt to email was regarding an intermittent database connection problem. I tried to read a story and the site gave me a message stating something like, "The User avatar has too many connections to MySQL." The message said a bit more, but I didn't think to write it down before leaving the page. I reloaded the page few times and received the same error. A few minutes later the story was able to load. The problem may have just been a small fluke, but with the other recent problems, I figured it wouldn't hurt to pass the information along.

Thank you for all the effort you put in to the site,
Good to see FiCWad is has been updated.

I'm going to post my latest American Dad fanfic, soon!

Any chance of an actual working search feature in the (relatively) near future? It would be much appreciated by many who don't want to comb through page after page of stories just to find so they can find something remotely interesting to read. There are a lot of good stories on this sight. Unfortunately, finding one seems to be more a matter of luck or knowing the name of a story or author on the site. It's kind of frustrating. Even just a basic, straight forward summary search would do wonders.