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Alex Rider fans?
Are there any other Alex Rider fans here? How about Alex slashers?
I LOVE Alex Rider! Anthony Horowitz (spelling?) is a genius when it comes to action packed,thrillers! Honestly, it's amazing how he writes, when I was reading Scorpia, I was falling off my chair in excitement!
I loved the series- seriously, I'm going nuts waiting for Snakehead to come out. I especially like his characters; Wolf I think was the one I liked the most, barring Alex of course.
I loved all of them too, but did you read Arkangel? 'Cause I haven't read that one yet. If you did, can you tell me briefly what it's about? Thanks, Magic144
I'm crap at summaries, but this is the general idea: Alex survived the bullet, and when he's recuperating in the hospital four men try to kidnap another patient. He stays with the Drevins (patient and his father) and learns about Ark Angel, the first luxury hotel in outer space. Force Three, a group of eco-terrorists who claim that Ark Angel is a danger to the environment, are determined to destroy it at all costs, even if it means sending all 400 tons of molten glass and steel hurtling back to Earth.
Wicked! I have to read it! Thanks for the summary Aedrin, you rock! See, after Scorpia, I thought Alex died and it was the end of the series( I almost died myself). But then there was mention of Arkangel, and I was literally everywhere! Can't wait to read it, sounds great! Out of curiosity, rated out of ten, what would you rate? Be honest, I'm still gonna read it even if you rate it two (though I find that very unlikely).
I think I'd rate it around 6. It wasn't my favorite (that honor goes to Point Blank) but it was pretty good in terms of quality.