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The aforementioned downtime
I'm going to do it tonight. FicWad will go down for several hours. It'll come back up (a) when all the data is moved, and (b) when the DNS changes I make propagate fully.
accessing oddly
oddly enough, I can access the site on some computers and not others, go figure.

Tried to come on on my tablet and it refused to load got the message about the migration,
turned my computer on not long after and accidentally clicked the bookmark for ficwad, it loaded.

I checked on the tablet and it still doesn't load (I did clear the cache).

just though I would let you know
That's DNS propagation for you, I'm afraid. It'll take a few hours to sort itself out everywhere.
ubuyvuitton - this account is spam! I haven't been here for long and already found it. It left a stupid spam message in above thread.