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Rating Points
Why aren't my rating points resetting. In fact, I think that the point thing is silly. We should be able to rate every chapter we read, not just 5 a day!
I wanted to actually contact YOU, but since your page and the format for the authors pages in general aught to actually get updated, that didn't prove very fruitful for me.

Anyhoo, The "Suggest a Category" thing. It's weird, and when I submit my category, I can't tell whether or not it actually was submitted since the screen just refreshes and everything's blank again. Not only that, but I don't understand the whole "Parent Category" thing. I would think that Parent Category meant Movies/TV/Books/etc, but instead I'm supposed to choose one of the subcategories, ie Inception/Supernatural/Harry Potter. That doesn't make sense to me, and makes filling out the form more confusing than it aught to be.

Now that I think about it, I believe I sent an email a few months back, involving the same issue and never got a response, not even a "I got your message, thanks." I'm not intending to criticize anyone, I'm just pointing out the efforts I've made. FicWad has practically no rules concerning the stories we're allowed to post here, and considering the crackdowns FFN is going through, I'm anticipating a lot of people rushing here as soon as they discover this site. I know I've mentioned ficwad on a few occasions. I just think the site should be a bit easier to navigate.
Wondering why my points won't reset....