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Is it wrong to use an idea from a story, but with all the other details different ?
for ex. If a male get pregnant, but i got that from a different story, and all the characters, the setting, and the story is completely different. Is that still wrong?
No, it's not wrong, but if you got the idea somewhere, it's polite to give credit to the other story for inspiring yours.
really? thanks cuz ive had trouble with that i am going to give credit where is due. thanks facia
Don't write Mpreg. it's not original, it's not clever, and it's really really retarded.
Um...although many people don't like mpreg, many other people do. There's nothing wrong with it.
ahaa its a crackfic lol i saw it in a sory and i started laughing... like hard lol
I understand why people dislike mpreg, but I think a blanket ban on it is a little excessive. Crackfic mpreg can be really funny if done well, for one. I agree that mpreg is usually awful in serious fanfics, but it isn't necessarily--in some science fiction series, it can actually make a degree of sense.

After all, Star Trek (ENT) did mpreg. Then again, Star Trek is also where the term "slash" comes from by all accounts I've heard...
hmm..... blah i cant write. I want to contribute and i get like good ideas, but i can never seem to remember them, or i have trouble putting it down in paper, or so to speak.
I do not think there is anything wrong with using an idea. How many original ones are there, anymore? I have three different original fictions that deal with alternate universes and gateways between them. I will admit that the idea has been explored by big name published authors, but the story line and characters are all mine; I borrow neither names or worlds from anyone else.

I recently saw "Eregon". The first thing that popped into my head was not LOTR, but Dragonriders of Pern. It was blatant enough that I wonder that Anne McCaffery does not sue. Still, there are other stories about dragons; does that make the story plagiarized? I do not believe so.

And, from what I hear, this "Eregon" was originally a LOTR fanfic which was rewritten as a Star Wars fanfic (or vice versa) before being presented as an original.

Male pregnancy: Enemy Mine with Lou Gosset, Jr and Dennis Quaid. I recently bought it because I really liked it when it came out. It worked for me because it was an alien that was pregnant. I do not read them in most fanfic because they are to icky. On the other hand, if you want to write about MPREG, then write about seahorses; no one can call that icky.